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From small beginnings come great things!

Throughout her childhood, Maral spent countless hours gazing at her mother as she would sew together the most breathtaking dresses.

Watching her mom became an infatuating addiction which drove Maral to contribute in her mother’s designs and impress her and the whole family as she sketched and created marvelous garments in no time for her dolls and teddy bears.

Sketching and sewing became her beloved continuous obsession; and her gift was so clear that everyone noticed including her school teachers who constantly reported catching her in-the-act drawing astonishing designs during various classes.

Happy are the persons who are living their hobbies...

The hobby grew up with Maral and her talent went out to the public with her first astonishing chef-d’oeuvre: her own high school graduation prom dress.  It was then, when she was sure that that’s her excel, and that’s what she wants to do for life… And to blend the hobby with the proper academics she enrolled and graduated with excellence in fashion design.

Nobody will believe in you unless you believe in yourself!

All through her life, Maral was spontaneously aiding and advising her entourage by designing and selecting the most suitable outfits for them. This spontaneous attraction for fashion grew up starting as consultancy to help people choose and customize their designs when executed by other designers, and then to personally design and sew for selective-taste people seeking distinctive art and creativity.

No pressure, no diamonds...

The demand for Maral’s touch kept soaring until she had to break out into the professional world of fashion and open her own fashion house in 2015 in Lebanon, specializing in high-end custom-made wedding and evening dresses suited to the needs, tastes and themes of prestigious individuals.